Parental Guide on How to Initiate Control on Digital Devices

Today internet is readily available and smart devices are becoming cheap and cheap by day meaning almost everyone can afford the internet-enabled device, parents are using the smart devices to access online markets, shop, attend virtual meetings among other things, children are given access to these devices to stream their favorite music, play games, attend online classes and other healthy uses, but sometimes children are curious and can visit unhealthy websites with age-inappropriate content, experience internet bullying silently or become a target to online children predators. Controlling and managing what your children can view online is imperative to prevent scenarios where your child is accessing unhealthy online content or is bullied online. It is possible with modern devices for parents to initiate good parental control and monitor the online activities of their children, advanced smart devices permit parents to track their children’s online activities remotely. There are several strategies you can use to manage your child’s online activities, this article outlines the most used parental control methods so continue reading.

You can manage the websites your child access using software that filters or blocks unsuitable online pages, this prevents your child from accessing age-inappropriate videos, games, music, or unhealthy web contents, this can be achieved using operating system settings that permit parents to manage what a child can access online, the operating system is set in a way that a child is required to ask for parental permission before they are granted access to sites that are viewed as inappropriate for that age, this ensures what your child is accessing online is healthy and only what you allow access to.

You can manage what your child access online using browsers, this is done by creating an account affiliated to your child, make sure you set websites this account can access so that you limit your child to age-appropriate sites only, it is, however, good to note that this strategy will work when the child is browsing while signed in to the child account otherwise access to other sites is unlimited.

Use of search engines is another popular method used initiate parental control on internet-enabled devices, good browsers permit parents to control online activities of their children by providing them with safe search settings, popular gaming sites also allow parents to control what games children can play by categorizing games according to age, parents then use these settings to filter games their kids can play which they feel are healthy for their age. Those are some ways you can control what your child can view online.

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